Assaulting a Father at Conisborough Feast.

July 1880

Mexborough and Swinton Times, July 16.

Assaulting a Father at Conisborough Feast.

Fred and Charles Johnson Westmount, were charged by George Johnson, labourer, Conisborough, with assaulting him on the fifth inst.

Mr Verity appeared for the complainant, and in stating the facts of the case, said the complainant was in a public house, call the Star Inn, on the day named as also were the defendants.

The defendant Frederick asked the complainant for a work box, and the latter replied thathe would not give it up, as it did not belong to him. (Frederick)

Defendant then went up to his father’s house and got the box (although told he should not have it) and took it to another son’s house.

The complainant heard of this and fetched the box away, returning to his own house. When he had been there for some time, both of the defendants went to the house, the defendant Frederick using some bad language, and asking for the box. The complainant said he should not give it to him because it belonged to himself.

The defendant Frederick then got hold of the complainant, who was lying on the sofa, and began thrashing him. As he could not thrash himas he seemed to want, the son Charles came and took hold of his father’s arms and held him down, while the other assaulted him.

The defendants after words went into the public house together, and Frederick put the box down on the table, at the same time saying that any man who touched it would be knocked down.

The complainant then came in and said, as it was his, he should take it, which he did, Frederick, knocking him down as he did it.

The complainant and his wife, and Elizabeth Hives, gave evidence.

The defence was that the father was the first aggressor.

The defendants were each fined 57s 9d , and costs.

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