Assaulting a Miner and his Wife at Denaby.

March 1881

Mexborough and Swinton Times, March 25.

Assaulting a Miner and his Wife at Denaby.

Thomas Porter, Collier, of Denaby, was charged with assaulting Enos Dainty and Matilda, his wife at Denaby on the 12th inst.

The defendant pleaded guilty to striking the woman, but said the man was injured whilst fighting with someone else.

The male complainant stated that on the Saturday night in question he and his wife have been to Mexborough market, and when they got back to the village of Denaby they found there had been a bit of bother going on.

He was talking to a chap, when the defendant came up to him, and, without saying a word to him, he struck him in the face with a stone (produced), blacking both his eyes and severely cutting his face. He had no idea why the man had assaulted him.

One of his eyes were so bad that he could not see for two days, and he had to “play” in consequence.

By the defendant: I acknowledge I was fighting with a man named Eccleston, but he did not injure my face. I have fought with a man named Green but that is months since.

The female complainant corroborated her husband statement. She went for Police Constable Midgley, after defended had assaulted her husband, but the Constable was not in. She told defendant he would have to suffer for what he had done.

He said “do you mean to say that I’ve done it?” She replied it was him and no one else.

He then said he should never strike a woman as he did aman; but as soon as he had said that he gave her a blow which, knocked her on the ground senseless. She went in fits afterwards. Defended had struck her on the temples.

By the defendant: I never have fits without I am struck. I did not strike you, but I said I should like to have a go at you. (Laughter.)

The defendant was fined 20 shillings and costs in each case; in default of payment two months imprisonment.









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