Assaulting a Policeman who Interfered

January 1878

Mexborough Times, January 18, 1878.

A Fight at Denaby.

Assaulting a Policeman who Interfered.

Peter Paton, of Denaby, was charged with assaulting PC Midgley, on the 26th ult.

PC Midgley said: about two o’clock in the afternoon of Wednesday, 26 December, I was at my station, Denaby, and saw a number of people running past, and calling out that there was a fight. I went to the door and so about 100 people congregated and watching two men stripped and fighting in the road. Their names are Solomon Harper and William Barney of Conisboro┬┤.

I put my coat on and went to them, but they continued fighting. I spoke to Harper and he desistedbut Barney would not stop. The defendant, who was one of Barney’s backers, tookhold of me and pulled me on one side, and told me to go away, saying, “you b——, they’re going to fight it out.” He also told me to mind my own business.

Defendant said he was present, and saw the fight, but did not interfere. There was a large crowd and the policeman came up. He touched Harper on the shoulder and told him to go away, and they all left and no one touched the officer.

Richard Horton said he had been to Mexborough, with his wife. He saw a crowd around those fighting, andsaw the policeman at his door. When the policeman told them to go away, not another blow was struck and they dispersed. No one used improper language.

John Stafford was at the fight two or 3 min before the policeman came. He (the officer) tapped Harper on the shoulder, and the latter walked away with him. The defendant did not say that the men should fight it out.

Fined 20 shillings, including costs, or 10 days imprisonment.

Harper was charged with fighting,and was bound over to keep the peace. A warrant was issued against Barney, who did not appear.

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