Assaults at Conisborough & Denaby

September 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times, September 27.

Alleged Assaults at Conisborough.

Andrew Walker, miner, Conisborough, was summoned by Ada Ramshaw for having committed an assault upon her on September 8 at Conisborough.

The complainant stated that at 10 pm on the night in question. The defending came home “with beer in him.” Her husband went out of the house and the defendant struck him.

She went between the two men to separate them, when the defendant knocked her down, and kicked her twice.

The wife of the defendant appeared, and said that the defendant was passing the house of the complainant a challenge to fight was thrown out to him.

The complainant struck the defendant, and afterwards threw a stone at him, and hit him on the head.

The summons was dismissed.

Denaby Case Adjourned.

Oscar Whitaker, labourer, Denaby, was summoned by Mary Anne Spackman for an assault alleged to have been committed at Denaby on September 7.

Spackman stated that she was, housekeeper to the defendant.

At 10 pm on the day in question he came home, and pulled her out of bed, kicked her in the face with his fist, and pulled hair out of her head.

After this attack he left her locked in the bedroom in the dark.

The defendant did not appear, and the magistrates taking a serious view of the case adjourned it for a week, in order that more evidence might be obtained.

The prosecutrix admitted that although she had left the defendant in consequence of his treatment, she had returned to him the next day.








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