Assaults at Denaby

October 1877

1877 Oct 13, Sheffield Telegraph

Assaults at Denaby

James Hughes, of Denaby, was charged with assaulting George Maynell and his wife, Jane Maynell, of Swinton, at Denaby, on 10 August.

Mr F Parker Rhodes prosecuted.

The defendant and his brother William Hughes live next door to the complainant at Denaby. There had been a quarrel between the complainant’s and the defendants, wives.

On the evening of the day named the defendant and his brother went into the complainant’s house, and used some threats, no doubt in reference to a warrant that have been issued against him.

A disturbance ensued, in the course of which James Hughes knocked Jane Maynell down, and kicked her twice on the body. He then knocked the complainant into the fireplace, gave him a black eye and injured him in other ways. In this he was assisted by his brother William. The following morning they returned to the house and used some terrible threats to the complainants.

According to the defendant the male complainant threw a cinder from the glasshouse at him and knocked him senseless. He was “smothered” in blood. The female complainant inflicted a wound on the back of his head with a carving knife.

Fined five pounds or two months imprisonment.

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