At 94 He Plans to Visit Old Village.

May 1960

South Yorkshire Times, May 9, 1960

At 94 He Plans to Visit Old Village.

One of Conisbrough’s oldest residents, who celebrated his 94th birthday on Sunday, plans to pay a sentimental visit to his former village in the near future.

“I feel as though I’d like to go and see if any of my old pals are still alive.” Mr Thomas Henry Grainger told his eldest daughter, Mrs E Newell of 16 Cedric Avenue, Conisbrough.

Mr Grainger came to the village from Worsbrough, 12 years ago on the death of his wife, Mrs Mary Anna Grainger.

A native of Staffordshire, he came to Barnsley when about 23 and was a fitter at Worsbrough Colliery, but for many years he and his family lived at the 400 years old Windmill farm, was re-, and, since then demolished to make way for the Mount Vernon Estate.

By Penny Farthing.

Mr Grainger who has three sons, five daughters, 12 grandchildren and 19 great-grandchildren, has led an active life and remembers cycling from Birmingham to Barnsley… By Penny Farthing.

He plans to visit Worsbrough at Whitsun type, when he will be staying with another of his daughters, Mrs Ida Clifford, of 77 Farm Road, Kendray Estate, Barnsley.

Mrs Newell, wife of G EC worker Mr John Newell, said “My father says if he had the money he would go to America. He has been to Canada twice as a young man, in search of a job.”



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