Athletic Festival at Denaby – A Splendid Success.

20 September 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times, September 20.

Athletic Festival at Denaby.

A Splendid Success.

The Denaby United Football Club, in conjunction with the Foresters (Court Fullerton) Denaby Main, held their first athletic festival on Saturday, on the football ground.

The weather conditions were extremely favourable and the Sun shone out brilliantly during the afternoon. One would imagine with the season so far advanced, the numbers of entries would be unsatisfactory, but they were such as to encourage the promoters, especially on their first venture of the kind.

Despite the fact that there was a counter attraction at Mexborough, where the Denaby Main Cricket Club were engaged in a championship encounter with Rawmarsh, the attendance was quite up to expectations, and there would be fully 3000 spectators on the ground. The attendance was good, the entries were satisfactory, so what could the fest will be other than an unequivocal success from a financial point of view, and the source of gratification to the officials of both football club and the Foresters.

Now that success Andrew Wood with the efforts of the members of the two organisations, the inhabitants of Denaby may look forward year by year to the annual athletic Festival. No doubt arrangements will be made next year to hold the festival at an early period, and is said of all the events being flat handicaps as on this occasion, cycling events may be introduced.

The football ground was not in the pick of condition on Saturday, and some of the racing was exceedingly heavy for the competitors. As this is about the only ground that can be resorted to the festival of this description, it would be better if the officials could be induced to make some improvements. There were several events on Saturday in which time was not taken, owing to the condition of the ground.

The promoters were successful in securing a large and influential patron age for their first venture, which will no doubt be increased as years go by. The amount of money offered in prizes for competition was pretty considerable. There are competitors in the various events failed from all over the riding, and in the races, there was a keen competition.

Precisely at the appointed hour the scholarĀ“s race was commenced with the first heat in which five youngsters competed and provided some good sport. F. Richardson, who had 13 yards started, won by about a yard from Golding.

In the second heat the majority of them were from Denaby, and there was much speculation amongst the spectators Aston who would be the winner. Hutchinson proved to be the successful one, winning by something like 4 yards.

The next heat Denaby, Swinton, Conisborough and Mexborough were represented. This was a grand race and Young Hobson did not find it such an easy task to win as he anticipated. These fifth six and seven defeats called more than an ordinary amount of excitement, and some good racing was witnessed. The final saw F.Small, Conisborough, carry off the first prize. This is a young lad who, by the form, he exhibited on Saturday, will, without any doubt be heard of again in future years.

Heat winners: F Richardson, Conisborough 13 yards; S.F.Hutchinson, Denaby, 14; T Hobson, Conisborough, 12; A Lockwood, Swinton, 11; R Haggar, Conisborough 17; S. Hallam, Conisborough, 13; F Small, Conisborough, 70.

Final: Small 1; Hallam 2; Hutchinson 3

A good race, won by a yard, 2 yards between second and third.

Other races held:

Members 100 yards Flat Handicap: Final: J.W.Chapman 1; L. Hollingsworth 2; W. Lawley

100 Yards Flat Handicap (open), 220 Yards Flat Handicap (open); 440 Yards Handicap Flat Race (open).

Potty race (open); 1 Mile Flat Handicap (open); Veterans Race; Sack Race; Kicking the Football; Obstacle Race; Tug of war six aside

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