Attack on Conisborough Glass Blowers – Magistrates Court

November 1879

Mexborough & Swinton Times, Nov 21


We reported last week a serious attack on Conisborough glass blowers by society men at Barnsley, the reason being that the former were non-society men.

Six of the assaliants, named Joe Bates, Wm. Swan, Robert Passmore, John Greanwool, Joseph Whitehead, and Ben Levi, have been brought before the Barnsley Magistrates on the charge of assulting Nicholas King, and Richard Reed, both of Conisborough.

Mr. Clegg (Messers, Dibb, Bailey, and Clegg) appeared on behalf of the prosecution, and Mr. Henry Horsefield Defended.

From the statements of the witnesses it appeared that the defendants were all glass blowers- society men, and knowing that non-society workmen were being engaged by Messers. Wade and Dibson they kept a look out for the purpose of intimidating them. A gang of men stationed themselves in the neighbour hood of the glass works, but as those employed were driven away from the premises when they left under the protection of a police man, the men considered it advisable not to interfere.

On the night of the 8th inst, the complainants went to a Barnsley Music Hall, and on leaving were recognised by the defendants as ‘black sheep’ from Conisborough.

The defendants immediately began to pelt King and Reed with stones. The complainants ran off as fast as they could, but they were struck by severest of the missiles and severely injured.

Some of the defendants complainants, knocked them down, and violently kicked them.

It was with great difficulty that they got to their lodgings.- Dr. Blackburn, who was called in early Sunday morning to see King, and said he found bruises and wounds in several parts of the body, on his face, forehead, right jaw bone and back of the head. There were many scratches on the left cheek, a bruise on the left shoulder blade, and bruises on the right side of the body and shoulder. he(the doctor) thought King had been struck in the face with some hard substance, and with the fist, Reed was not so seriously wounded.-

The bench fined the defendant 10s. and costs, for the assault on Kings, or one month’s imprisonment in default, and for the assault on Reed, they where fined 5s. Costs, or fourteen days imprisonment.

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