Denaby Main 57 Conisborough 48 – Harrison’s Benefit

10 August 1900

Mexborough and Swinton Times, August 10.

M HarrisonĀ“s Benefit

Denaby Main 57 Conisborough 48

M Harrison 22, Bilbrough 6 wkts C Bury 20, Harrison 6 wkts

These near neighbours and rivals met on the ground of the former on Saturday last, on the occasion of the benefit of the pro of the Denaby team, M.Harrison, and it proved one of the most exciting games ever witnessed there.

These teams have met three times previously this season, of which the visitors had 12 and then everyone. This time the home team won, which made. The wins equal.

There was a book on the present at the commencement, Conisborough and the services of W.Scott will plays for Mexborough. It was supposed that I Harrison, who used to play for Denaby, but now is on the ground staff of Notts County, was to be present to elderly or two, he was also going to bring some friends. Perhaps owing to the inclement weather on Friday night, Ike did not turn up, and most of the villagers were in consequence disappointed.

On Denaby going in. They rattled up a total of 57 before they were dismissed. Conisborough wickets fell fast but on Bury getting associated with the vicar the score rapidly rose from 3 to 25, these two made a short stand, Bury Sutin all the balls which came into his reach, getting 10 out of one over off the trail. He was another Jessop while he stopped at the crease, making some fine hits, just missing the boundary for four on two occasions.

Denaby won a very exciting match by 10 runs a quarter of an hour before time.

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