Babies Helmets – Surplus Respirators, 195 Mickey Mouse Masks

February 1940

Mexborough & Swinton Times, February 10

Babies Helmets

Coun. A. M. Carlin (Head Warden) told the “Times” yesterday that so far as he was aware every person who had applied for a babies A.R.P. helmet in Conisborough and had produced a certificate from a nurse that they had been trained in the method of using them had received their helmets, and up to this week they had had a surplus of such respirators.

With regard to respirators for young children as supply of 195 Mickey Mouse masks was to hand and a further supply of 125 small size respirators was available, and but for the inclement weather they would have been distributed now.

In one sector in the vicinity of the distributing centre at the Station Hotel, where no vehicle for distribution was necessary they had actually been handed out.

Coun. Carlin added that a recent check at the Station Road Schools had revealed that 23 respirators were defective. It was proposed that similar checks should be conducted at the other schools, after which the question of damage to respirators would be reviewed.


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