Barbara says “Goodbye” to Denaby Main

October 1963

South Yorkshire Times, October 19.

Barbara says “Goodbye” to Denaby Main.

Eight year old Barbara Deakin,who has been in Fullerton hospital, Denaby, for seven years and has been very popular withstaff and patients alive, left the hospital yesterday (Thursday) for the Balderton hospital for spastic children near Newark.

Barbara came to the Fullerton when she was about eight months old.

Patients and their friends have taken a great interest in her and so havethe people of the village, and the children, who have from time to time taken her gifts of sweets and fruit.

Many people have also sent other gifts. Barbara will be much missed by all at the hospital, and it is certain that she herself, will miss Fullerton hospital and its staff. She goes with very good wishes for happiness in her new home.

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