Billiards – Conisbrough v Denaby

January 1900


Conisbrough Y.M.A. v Denaby Institute

The return match of billiards between six members of the Conisbrough Y.L.A.and six members of the Denaby Institute took place at the Young Men’s Room, Conisbrough, on Friday evening last.

The same teams met at Denabya fortnight ago when the Denaby players were victorious by 69 points. It was generally thought however, that the Conisbroughites playing on their own tables, would reverse the result.

J. Shacklock and J. Miller were the first pair of players and the former played a very good game winning easily by 26 points.

The second heat was between H.Marshall and John Day. This heat was looked upon with great interest, as the players were the champions of their respective sides, consequently, a close and exciting game was expected. Marshall, however, was dead out of form, and played a wretched game. Day, on the other hand, was in fine trim, and played a very pretty game, eventually winning a very one-sided contest by 56 points.

The respective scores were:

J. Shacklock 100, Joe Millard 74

H.Marshall 44, John Day 100

J. Smith 100, J.Grace 44.

W. Midgley 97, W Dawson 100

W Kelly 100, H.Astbury 74

F. Singleton 100,J.Beal 87

Conisbrough 541 Denaby 479

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