Birthday Club’s Trip to London – Dirty Dicks & Sam’s Folly

April 1900

Mexborough and Swinton Times April 27.

Denaby Birthday Club’s Trip to London

The members of the Denaby Birthday club, which is held at the Reresby Arms, were amongst the numerous other clubs that made the journey to London on Saturday last.

Starting from Conisbrough at 2.10 am. They went on the new route of the Great Central Railway Company, and arrived in London at7.35 a.m. after a most pleasant journey.

After a good breakfast they visited the House of Commons, in which they were very much interested; then they wended their way to Westminster Abbey, being very much impressed by what they saw.

After the match a visit was paid to “Dirty Dicks” at whose quaint and peculiar appearance they were both astonished and amused, but time has removed the central or eccentric personage, after whom the cellars were named, and who, in the “Legend of Bishopsgate” is referred to as follows:

“The old man has played out his part in the scene,

Wherever he now is let´s hope he’s more clean.

Yet give way thought, free of scoffing or ban,

To that dirty old house, and that dirty old man”


And we are not likely to forget it yet a while. In addition to the above the party visited London Bridge, the Tower, bank of England, Mansion house, Whitehall, Trafalgar Square, Madame Tussaud’s.

After this, my old friend Jem, congratulated himself on having steered clear of the “tec” buthe isalways a bit funny after the potatoes, especially roasted, but he came through all right, and so did David with his pipe.

Having spent an enjoyable and interesting day, the return journey was made at 11.25 p.m., Conisbrough being reached at 4.30 on Sunday morning. The whole of the arrangements were under the superintendence of Mr William Sheldon, Hon secretary, and very ably indeed did this gentleman perform his part of the proceedings and to a great extent was responsible for the success of the excursion.

But there was one member who was much disappointed – and well he might be – for his anticipated visit to the metropolis was shattered in a cruel manner. After promising his friends numerous presents, and replenishing his flask for the journey he was all prime at 10 PM. going home to await the hour for starting, he fell asleep, and when he awoke his chance had gone, and so had the train. But the joke is, that, fearing he might go to sleep, he set the alarum to wake him, but took it upstairs and then came down to sleep.

Ah well: it was hard lines on Sam, but it must be put down to the clock. Probably the club will engage a “caller up” next year, to prevent a recurrence of this kind.

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