Black Sheep Assaulted

October 1877

1877 October 29 Sheffield Telegraph

`Black Sheep´ Assaulted

Joseph Barlow, John James, and France’s Holden, were charged with assaulting Reuben Jones. The complainant, it was stated, was “a black sheep,” and the defendant’s union glassblowers.

On Monday night. The complainant went to the Fox Inn Conisbrough. He there met the defendants, and James and Holden after assaulting him in the house dragged him into the street, where he was kicked by the three defendants and several of a crowd of persons who had congregated round the public house door.

Evidence was called to show that, though the complainant was ill used, it was not by the defendant´s.

The case against Barlow was dismissed, but James and Holden were each sent to prison for a month without the option of a fine.

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