Boer War – Teddy Gregory

February 1900

Mexborough Times, February 2.

Conisborough Notes

I see that our younger Conisborough friend, “Teddy” Gregory, who is one of the Wath volunteers who has being finally selected for active service in South Africa, has got his “khaki” dress, and I suppose he will soon be on his way to the seat of war.

In connection with Ted’s going away, I hear that a very interesting gathering of his workmates took place at the Cadeby colliery on Tuesday evening last.

Ted´s mates in the workshop did not wish to go away without presenting him with some token of respect. Their choice was a very pretty gold medal, whichwas suitably inscribed. The reason amedal was chosen, was because his friends wished to give him something he could take with him, something that would be a constant reminder of the friends he had at Cadeby colliery.

At the close of the meeting,’Teddy’ received a very hearty handshake of his friends, all wished him “Godspeed, and the safe return.”

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