Bowling a Turnip – Assault at Conisboro’

February 1878

Mexborough Times, February 22, 1878.

Assault at Conisbrough.

Samuel Mellon, labourer, Conisbrough, was brought up charged with assaulting Willie Wood that place, on the six instant.

The complainant was a little boy, 10 years of age, stated that he was playing at shuttlecock near the defendantĀ“s place, when he threw a turnip at him and it him on the head with it.

The defendant said it was a “why.” He was bowling a turnip at the top of the door where he was cutting them off and it accidentally struck the boy. The boy’s father I brought him up for malice.

Isaac would, father of the complainant, stated that he had no animosity towards the defendant. His wife brought the convoy to him after he had been struck. He then sent the boy to defendant and asked why he had done it. His eye and nose were discoloured.

He then went to the police who would state how you was when they saw him will stop.

PC gone stated that on Wednesday the sixth, the boy was sent to him by the father. He saw his eye and noticed he having evidently been struck with something.

Defendant in answer to the charge, said he was feeding his rabbits with turnips and the boy came and got on the door of the place. He toldhim to get off three or four times and he would not do so. He then bowled a turnip at the door and it bounced off the door and struck the boy.

It was not because the lad was hurt that he had brought in more. It was because complainant was going to “leather” him once, and he (defendant) hadleathered him. He said he would do him one the first time he had a chance.

Fined 8d (3p) and 14 shillings expenses.

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