Boy Rescued from Collapsed “Den”

July 1960

South Yorkshire times, July 25, 1960

Boy Rescued from Collapsed “Den”

When a group of Denaby children decided to build a “Den” out of rubble from demolished houses, disaster almost overtook them, for their hideout collapsed on one of the boys, who was saved from suffocation by the prompt action of demolition worker Mr Peter Blythe.

The incident occurred on Sunday in Barmborough Street, which is being pulled down as the first stage of the urban councils redevelopment plans.

Mr Blythe, who lives in the Street is helping to pull down, had just left is home when two boys ran up shouting that their friend, 11 years old. Keith Buckley of 28 Barmborough Street, was trapped in the “Den” built from wood and iron spars


Mr Blythe, father of five girls, told the “South Yorkshire Times,” ” I had come out of the house to help an old man load up some wood from the demolished houses. I ran the hundred yards down the street and found the boy flat on his face, almost completely covered by rubble and ashes and all is fair was visible through the fine ashes covering him. There was an iron bar across his arm and leg.

“I dragged him clear, but he was all choked up with the dust, and couldn’t breathe, so I gave him artificial respiration until he

After reviving Keith, Mr Blythe carried the semiconscious boy home.

His father, Denaby, miner, Mr William Buckley told our reporter, “after Mr Blythe carried keys into the house. He was more or less conscious, but he passed out again and we had to give him artificial respiration until you came round.”

Very Lucky.

Mr Buckley added, “it was very lucky. Mr Blythe happened to be around, as there was no one else in the Street on Sunday. We are very grateful indeed.”

Keith, a pupil at Conisbrough Northcliffe I School was taken to Mexborough Montagu Hospital and allowed home after treatment.

On Tuesday, still looking a little shaken, Keyes said, “some other boys decide to build a Den. I went inside and it collapsed on top of me. I tried to get out but some rubble and ashes buried me.”

The children were playing on the ashes spread by contact us over the foundations of houses. They are demolished. It was at almost the same spot five or six weeks ago that to demolition workers were trapped as a pull down the old terraced houses.

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