Boys Out of Control

February 1919

Mexborough and Swinton Times, February 1st, 1919

Boys Out of Control

On Wednesday, at Doncaster, four Denaby boys, whose ages were around 10 years, were charged with various offences for shop breaking and theft. Two more were concerned in four offences, one in one and two in three.

The shop of Mary Jane Anthony, a tobacconist, and confectioner, was entered at 10 o’clock on January 8th, and cigarettes, confectionery, and other things stolen to the value of 16 shillings.

On January 17 at 1 -10 in the morning, PC Rushton was examining the premises of Charles William Moody, also a tobacconist and confectioner, when he discovered the boys charged, hiding under the counter. They had stolen chocolates and cigarettes to the value of 7 shillings and have taken 12 s 11d (69p) in money

When the police officer made enquiries they confessed to breaking into the shop of Thomas Makin, clogger, which they had upset and had taken a knife and an awl. They had also broken into the shop of Alfred Bailey, a greengrocer, close by. There was a further charge against the boys of stealing a hurricane lamp belonging to the Rural District Council. They pleaded guilty.

One of the fathers explained that he had been 4 1/2 years in France, having only just returned. He expressed the wish that his boy should be punished. His wife had been ill in bed, and the ladhad had no one to look after off hand. Another man also said he was away for years, and made a similar statement. Another parent said his boy had never been in trouble.

The oldest boy was ordered to receive six strokes, and the others three each, with the Birch Rod, and they were also bound over for 12 months and placed under the probation order.

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