Breach of Colliery Rules – Hanger On’s Orders

April 1900

Mexborough and Swinton Times, April 6.

Breach of Colliery Rules

Joseph Hallett, dataller, Swinton and Enoch Coldwell, dataller Conisbrough, was summoned by the Denaby and Cadeby Collieries Ltd, for having committed a breach of special rule four at the Cadeby pit, on 22 March.

The defendants appeared, and pleaded guilty.

Mr W.M.Gichard, who appeared for the prosecution, said the rule that had been broken was one which provided that no person in the mind should do any act likely to endanger the safety of persons in the mine.

The Colliery Company were not desirous of pressing the case against the defendants, but they wanted the men to understand that they must observe the regulations, particularly those regulations made for their own safety.

The trouble that arose on this particular incident was that the defendants disobeyed an order which was given by a hanger on who was in charge of a particular plane with regard to the men walking on the plane and corves were travelling on the road.

The order was that no man should be allowed to travel on the road until the hanger on said it was safe for them to do so

The defendants were each fined 2/6 and the costs 20 shillings


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