Breach of Rules at Denaby Main – Tobacco and Matches

October 1879

Breach of Rules At Denaby Main Colliery

Jas. O’Donnald, of Denaby, Miner, at the Denaby Main Colliery was charged with committing a breach of special rule 34, which enacted that no person should smoke tobacco , or take it down the pit.

Mr. Parker-Rhodes appeared on behalf of the prosecution, and in stating the facts of the case, said in consequence of outbreak of gas at the colliery, some few weeks ago, the manager gave instructions for periodical searches of the men’s clothes.

The deputy searched the defendants pockets and found a tobacco pipe, which would he produced.- The Deputy spoke to seeing the pipe in the defendants pocket, and said when the man was told of it, he pleaded that he had forgotten to leave it in the cabin, and he hoped to be forgiven.

Wm. Green. Of mexbro’, in the employ of the Denaby Colliery Company, was also charged with committing a breach of colliery rules.- Mr. Parker-Rhodes, who appeared for the company in this case also, said three matches where found in the pocket of the defendant, whilst he was down the pit. He was instructed to press the case, because of the gaseous state of the mine.

The managers were very cautious themselves, and they wanted the men to he the same.

Evidence having been given as to finding the matches, the Chairman said the bench considered the matches were more dangerous than the pipe, and consequently fined Donald 10s and cost, or 10 days imprisonment and Green must pay 20s. And costs, or experience one month in default.

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