Brutal Treatment of a Pony

April 1881

Mexborough and Swinton Times April 8.

Brutal Treatment of a Pony, near Conisborough.

Charles Smith, horse dealer, of Doncaster, was charged with cruelly beating a pony and travelling it when fit on the highway on the 15th ult.

Mr Frances Leonard, inspector of the R.S.P.C.A.(Wakefield), prosecuted

PS Morley deposed that on Tuesday, the 15th ult., at midnight, he was on duty between Warmsworth and Conisborough, when he met the defendant, driving three ponies, to which a wagon was attached. Before he got up to the man he heard a sound of beating and soon ascertained that he was cruelly ill-treating one of the three ponies – a very emaciated looking creature, nothing but skin and bone; indeed he could hear the blows 600 or 700 yards away.

The defendant was striking the pony with an ash plant as hard and as fast as the court. He hurried up to the man and stopped him repeating the blows. The poll it looked as though it had just come out of some water, wet was hanging on its hair. The animal was certainly unfit to travel.

The defendant told him he had bought the animal at Sheffield for a knacker and thought he could get it to travel to Doncaster, which would be better than having to slaughter it at Sheffield. He (witness) saw the animals slaughtered at Balby.

Defendant said he did not know the pony was in such a bad state as it was. When he cut it open he found that its inside was all information.

Lord Auckland: We are of opinion you treated the animal with very great cruelty and you will be fined 30 shillings and 12s 6d costs.

Defendant: Will you give me time to pay the money?

Lord Auckland: No. You will go to jail unless the money is paid

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