Burning Down of Old Denaby Bungalow.

February 1939

Mexborough and Swinton Times, February 17.

Good Deed leads to Burning Down of Old Denaby Bungalow.

A 50-year-old bungalow, at one time the farmhouse at Rage Farm, Old Denaby, was completely destroyed on Tuesday by fire within an hour of the outbreak being discovered. The house, a wooden and corrugated iron building, was the property of Mr George Downing, the farmer, and damage estimated at £300 was done. The building is situated about 50 yards from the present farmhouse and fortunately, was unoccupied.

Mr Downing explained to the “times” that the bungalow was occupied up to a fortnight ago and a new tenant was to go in on Monday, and in order to “air” the premises for the new tenant, he (by way of a good deed) made a fire in the kitchen and placed some logs on the fire. He later looked at the fire, found it all right, and proceeded on his farm duties.

“I had been gone out about 45 minutes,” Mr Downing continue, “when I heard my wife, Mrs Mary Downing, using the whistle we use for a signal, and on looking towards the farm. I saw smoke over the buildings and knew that something was wrong.

My son George and I hurried back, and George ran down to the Old Denaby kiosk to telephone for the Mexborough Fire Brigade, but was told that Old Denaby, was out of their area, and the Doncaster Corporation Fire Brigade was called.

Mr George Downing (Jr) added that near the bungalow was a granary full are, and as a precautionary measure water was thrown onto the granary wall until the arrival of the brigade.

It was fortunate that the bungalow and a covering of corrugated iron, for the shelter the flames inside the building. Shortly before the arrival of the brigade under superintendent S.Sutcliffe, the building collapse, and now only corrugated iron sheeting and the big foundations remain. The brigade, were obtained a supply of water from an underground tank, soon had the blaze under control.

Mr Downing, who stated that the premises were insured, said he thought the blaze must have been caused by a log of wood rolling off the fire onto the wooden floor of the bungalow.

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