Cadeby Disaster

Conisbrough´s Royal Visit – 8 th of July, 1912

King George V and Queen Mary came to Conisbrough.

They called at the castle near the river Don.

Just across the water stood Cadeby Main Colliery,

Their visit was a happy one.

Singing, dancing and laughing.

Good-natured crowds were in jubilation

To have a visit from the King and Queen,

The monarchs of our nation.

The King admired a good deal of what he saw

As he walked around the top of the castle keep

From the town, industry, wood and farmland,

To the cattle and the grazing sheep.

Our monarch descended the castle

He walked over the lawn to the marquee.

It is here he rejoined his lovely Queen Mary

Together with their guests they enjoyed tea.

Many miners, their wives and children

Came out to welcome the royals that day.

The merriment would continue,

Until the royals went on their way.

This happy Monday now over.

The King and Queen had raised a smile.

Some miners went back to their work at the Colliery.

Some miners stayed out of work for a while.

As time moves on into tomorrow,

Who is to know what tomorrow may bring.

Till then it´s good night and God bless to everyone

God save the Queen and King.

By Stephen C. Pratt
Former Miner at Cadeby Main Colliery, Conisbrough, South Yorkshire.

Cadeby Main Colliery Disaster – 9 th of July, 1912

It was the early hours of the morning

As the Dearne Valley lay calm and still,

When a terrible explosion rocked Cadeby Main Colliery.

The alarm was raised and the pit´s siren let out a shrill.

37 miners worked the colliery´s south district

to keep their families clothed and fed.

35 miners paid their terrible price for coal,

now 35 miners were dead.

The rescue teams came quickly,

But little were they to know,

Some hours later that morning –

A crowning blast would follow.

The second explosion engulfed the rescuers

A roof fall and gas killed 53 more.

If it were not for the Conisbrough royal visit.

The death toll could easily have doubled that score.

King George V and Queen Mary came to the Cadeby Main Colliery,

Where 88 miners had died.

There were estimated 80,000 mourners

Even our dear Queen Mary cried.

Three more men it is said died later

The final death toll rose to 91.

We shall never forget any miner killed by tragedy,

As we pray for them all everyone.


By Stephen C. Pratt
Former miner at Cadeby Main Colliery, Conisbrough, South Yorkshire.
In loving memory of the miners and rescuers

Who lost their lives in the terrible explosion

In health and strength they left their home,

not thinking death so near:

It please the Lord to bid them come

And in his sight appear

Death to them short warning gave

Therefore be careful how you live

Prepare in time, make no delay,

For who made know their dying day.

In prime of life they were cut down,

no longer could they stay;

because it was the saviours will,

To call them hence away.

They have gone – a grave has received them

Twas Jesus who called them away;

they have gone to the Lord who redeemed them

from night to the splendour of day

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