Cadeby Disaster Fund – 10th Anniversary

July 1922

Mexborough and Swinton Times, July 15

Cadeby Disaster Fund.

Last Sunday was the 10th anniversary of the Cadeby Colliery Disaster.

It will be readily recollected that a relief fund was raised for the purpose of dealing with the distress arising out of the disaster, and realised about £7500. This fund is administered by a number of trustees, a management committee with Mr N.B. Laidlaw treasurer and Mr Moses Soar, secretary.

Originally 61 widows and 134 children were chargeable to the fund from which is paid five shilling weekly to a widow and one shilling weekly to a child under 14.

The number of dependents now chargeable to the Fund, after 10 years, is 23 widows and 45 children.



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