Cadeby Men to Pay a Tangible Tribute (picture)

June 1960

South Yorkshire Times, June 6.

Cadeby Men to Pay a Tangible Tribute

George Flaherty (24) the Cadeby Main Colliery diesel driver who shouted a warning to his colleagues seconds before the pit bottom collision at the mine last November, is to receive an award.

Mr Flaherty, who lives in Edlington Street, Denaby Main, will receive the award at Denaby Tom Hill Youth Centre on Sunday.

It takes the form of a wristwatch from the men of Cadeby colliery and will mark their appreciation of the way George stuck to his post until seconds before loaded wagons smashed into the Paddy mail. he was driving, killing one man and injuring others.

Mr Flaherty shouted a warning of the impending collision before he lept clear of the “mail” and 70 men escaped injury.

At the inquest which followed George was praised by the jury for his presence of mind.


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