Cadeby Week at DeWarrene Academy

July 2012

DeWarrene Academy DeWarrene Academy became the latest school to hold a Cadeby Week in Memory of the 91 people who lost their lives 100 years ago. The week was led by the History teacher Stephanie Morris and began with a presentation by Jim Beachill, Secretary of the Cadeby Main Memorial Group. Peter Davies and Barry Moore from the Group did interactive sessions with theClass and the week culminated with presentations by the Pupils to members of the Group. Some of the Children composed poetry about the events of 1912 and these are shown below. Other wrote newspaper articles describing the disaster. Jim Beachill commented “When we launched the week I asked the pupils if any of their parents or grandparentsworked at the Pits and just 2 pupils put their hands up. We then encouraged them to talk to their family about theCollieries. At the final presentation I asked the same question and almost ever hand shot up!” Stephanie Morris said “Both myself and the Pupils have thoroughly enjoyed the time we have spent on the project” The school and a pupil, Bethany Cook,were awarded a copy of ‘The Terrible Yorkshire Pit Disaster’ for the work they had undertaken. Pupils Poetry ______________________________________________________________________

Sadness, stress and many fears

The families would have cried many tears

the men lived in Conisbrough, Hexthorpe, Denaby and many more too,

You never know, one could have been related to you


Many people lost their lives

It was very sad for the children and the men´s wives

Many people gathered the steeets causing a crowd

It would have been awfully scary and loud


Emotions are sad, scared and full of stress

I bet their families felt nothing but depress

Many people had no choice but to die

Families didn´t have the chance to say goodbye


Richard Wimpenny

July you were laid to rest

Our last time to say God bless

Another smile gone

But never forgotten


People crying all around

Screaming, crying and horrible sounds

Hear we wait to hear the news

Of the loved ones we do not want to lose


William Ackroyd

Miners working hard today

Waiting just for another day

Listening to stories that were untold

Waiting just for another day

Young and old as they were

Working hard for familes wealth

They will be remembered every day

Waiting just for another day

To say goodbye the way we should

In everyway we lost your hearts

The curtains shut



James Burdekin

Your name was James

You were took by the man of the world

We were unexpecting the words

You were gone !

But now you´re in a better place

A place where every day you can celebrate


Thomas Burns

We were awaiting the news

You were strong and will never lose

Knowing you´re in a better place

Makes everyone walk a pace

Carrying on with their broken hearts

Awaiting for you to walk through the door


Joseph Turner

At only 27

It was not your time to go to heaven

Your family miss you more each day

Your family just want to say

They miss you!


Miners young and old

Mining stories are untold

In loving memory to all the men

These men will never be seen again


William Henry Williams

At only 56

My Heart will never fix

William Wallace was your name

Our families heart will never be the same


Thomas Walsh

At only 41

Another loved one gone


George Young Tickle

You were just visiting that day

Now we can´t say

How much you mean to us

We send you so much love


John William Tarbrook

Down on us you look

At 23 you´re gone too soon

Now you shine as bright as the moon


James Thompson

Our hearts will never be the same

Without our James

We miss you more each day

And this is just to say

We miss you


William Summerscales

Our heart´s been punched with nails

We miss you more each day

We visit you where you lay


Charles Bury

Forever in our hearts

Our hearts that have been torn apart

As you lay beside another man

So brave you were

Lonely but happy


Charles Alderson

We met, We lost you

We will never forget you

Your in every heart

Every heart has been torn apart


In everything you´re forgiven

For leaving us in a heart broken position

To that we say goodbye

Sweet dreams and God bless

James Beach

Your´e gone but never forgotten

In the sky´s that peep down

In God´s hands

That will never let go


The men were found in June, July, August and September

Many more too

Some died but we don´t know who

Maybe they could be related to you


Most people lost their lives

I can´t imagine their wives

Or how they weeped over their son

Or could it be a husband who couldn´t run


Joseph Boycott

Joseph, you left us heartbroken

Our hearts would never mend

Just seeing you lie there

Brings tears to our eyes

Remembering how brave you were

Knowing that every day

you went down the Pit

Tragedy could have happened

Smile with pride

You´ve done us proud

Along with the other miners

Fitting in with the crowd


Robert Peel Bungard

You´re gone but never forgotten

In the sky´s that peep down

In God´s hands will never leave you

Fly high Sir, smile with pride

You deserve to


You lived at number 39

Your job was working in a mine

Frederick Stone

Without you your family feels alone

At only 34

Your friends and families hearts tore


People waiting

in invaded space

Torn apart from your loved ones

Daunted feelings

Indescribable thoughts running through heads

Sorry but not safe

Angry at themselves

Sad families wondering

Told tat your husband or sone died

Emotional times

Remembered forever


Cyrus Rodgers

At only 29

Your life ended in a mine

You lived at Ivanhoe Road, number 48

You were hoping to get home but it was too late

Your mine number was 2047

But now you have gone to heaven

In peace now you can rest

Your family wish you the best

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