Canon H.T.Eddershaw’s New Year Message – Defence, Defiance and Reliance.

January 1941

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 4.

New Year Message.

In a new Year Message to his parishioners, published in the current issue of the Parish Magazine, the Vicar of Conisbrough, Canon H.T.Eddershaw, gives us three watchwords for the coming year:

Defence, Defiance and Reliance.

Defence of freedom; Defence of tyranny; Reliance on God.

Discussing the events of the past year, he remarked that we little knew a year ago what 1940 held in store for us.

If anyone, says Canon Eddershaw, had told us then what the events of that Spring would be – the capitulation of Belgium, the surrender of France, the enemy occupation of the whole of the seacoast from Norway to the far south, the entrance of Italy on the enemy side – we should never have believed that we could still standing at the threshold of 1941, a free and unconquered and glorious spirited Nation, strong in defiance and defence, wholly united with our brothers and sisters of the Commonwealth across the seas and continents, undaunted and undismayed and more able to defy the tyrannies and oppression of Nazi-ism now than we were then.






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