Car that Hit Pram – Denaby Accident Sequel

January 1940

Mexborough & Swinton Times, January 06

Car That Hit Pram
Bolton Learner Driver Fined
Denaby Accident Sequel

There was a sequel to an accident at Denaby in November, when a baby had a miraculous escape from injury after a car pinned the perambulator, in which it was lying, to railings in Cadeby Pit Lane at Doncaster West Riding Court on Tuesday , when the car driver, Wm. H Laverack (20), of 111, Ingsfield Lane, Bolton, was summoned for driving a motor car in a dangerous manner, for failing to report an accident and being the holder of a provisional licence and not having a competent driver with him.

Defendant pleaded not guilty to the first charge and guilty to the two other charges.

“All Right By Me”.

I was stated than on November 3 rd Mrs. Florence I. Langford was waiting in Cadeby Pit Lane which is a road leading up to the colliery yard, for her husband, and she was in charge of a perambulator in which was a four month old baby. A car approached from the direction of the yard and accused, who was driving, motioned for her to move, although there was room to pass. Before she had time to do so the car struck the perambulat6or and jammed it against the railings at the side of the road. The car then came to a standstill and defendant got out, and asked if the baby was all right, and when Mrs. Langford said it was he said “That´s all right by me” and drove on. The perambulator was badly damaged, and it could have been a serious matter for the child, but defendant seemed indifferent to the damage to the pram. When seen by the police later he admitted being the driver of the car at the time. He said that the woman swerved the front end of the pram in front of his car and when told he would be reported for driving in a dangerous manner, said “I did not think it was my fault”. When cautioned with regard to the second offence he said “I made a mistake there”, and to the third, “I expect I shall be in the cart for that”.

Mrs Langford, of 58 Maltby Street, Denaby, said she was waiting by the pay sheds when she saw the car coming towards her. The driver slowed up and then motioned for her to move. As she did so the car started to move and the nearside wheel hit the pram and crushed it in and twisted the whole body. The driver of the car then pulled away and after asking about the baby said, “That will do for me then”, and drove off. Several men who were nearby pointed out the damage to the pram to him, but he only replied “You can take my number if you like”. They did so and the car was traced.

Fred Pearson (13), of 80, Braithwell Street, Denaby, and Harry Grainger, of 61, Warmsworth Street, Denaby, who were in the lane at the time corroborated Mrs. Langford´s evidence

Police Sergeant Hart of Denaby, said the lane was 14ft. wide ordinarily, but it reached a width of 19 feet to form two recesses. It was into one of these that Mrs. Langford was trying to get the pram when defendant motioned her to move. The road surface was quite good.

Could Not See Damage.

P.c. Robson, of Bolton, said he interviewed defendant on November 18 th and when cautioned he made a voluntary statement stating that he was driving his father´s car in Cadeby Pit Lane on November 3 rd and after travelling for about 30 yards he saw a woman in front of him with a pram. He was proceeding past an ice cream cart which was in a recess when the woman swerved the pram in front of his car and he crushed it between some wooden railings. The woman said the pram was damaged and he examined it but could not see any. She asked what he was going to do about it and he told her he could not see any damage and went away. He admitted failing to report the matter to the police.

Giving evidence, defendant said the woman lifted the pram in front of the car. He asked if she was all right but saw no damage to the pram.

The Chairman of the magistrates said they felt it was a serious charge and would have to fine him for the offence. They did not quite agree that he was driving to the danger of the public and were going to reduce it to driving without due care and fine him £1 for that. His licence would be suspended for six months and he would be fined 10s. on each of the other two charges. He was very lucky to get away with it. It was a serious thing.

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