Caution to Owners of Cattle.

December 1881

Mexborough and Swinton Times, December 16.

A Caution to Owners of Cattle.

William Wilde, farmer, of Clifton, was charged with allowing cows to stray at that village.

Police Constable Garnet deposed that on Saturday, the third inst, he found to cows belonging to the defendant, straying on the highway at Clifton. He took them to the defendant’s premises. They were between 200 and 300 yards from where they should be. No one was in charge of them.

The defendant said he was at Doncaster that day, and he knew nothing about the matter.

The Constable said he had twice previously cautioned the man about his cattle straying and he had received complaints from others about the same kind of thing.

The defendant said when he was previously cautioned, the castle was talking to the wrong man, as the animals alluded to did not belong to him.

The wife of the defendant said he had sent the girl with the cows to a field and they probably were not made so secure as they should be.

The policeman said there were gaps in the hedge and the gates were not all and Wilde made no attempt to remedy this state of things.

The defendant said it was a very hard case.

The Superintendent said the defendant had twice been fine – in 1878 – nine – for allowing horses and cows to stray.

Is Lordship caution the defendant as to his future conduct of fined him 2s 6d (12 1/2p) and 6s 9d (34p) costs.

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