Civic Sunday – Impressive Parade at Denaby – Church Packed

July 1940

Mexborough & Swinton Times July 20

Civic Sunday
Impressive Parade at Denaby
Church Packed

Mr. T.J. Gregory, Chairman of the Conisborough Urban Council must have felt proud of the procession he led to the Parish Church of Denaby Main on Sunday morning for the Civic Sunday service. There had been a splendid response to the invitations issued, and all local public bodies were represented, along with heads of departments, from the schools, postmasters, bank officials, Y.M.A., education authorities etc. The seating accommodation of the church had been increased to over 700, and the church was practically full.

Mr Gregory was accompanied by councillors and officials, and there were also representatives of the Denaby branch of the Y.M.A. and Death Fund, Library Committee, Education Committee, Fullerton Hospital, and National Provincial Bank, along with many others.

Included in the Procession were the following public bodies: Special Constables led by their Section commander (Mr. T. Peters) and Sergt. Eyett of the W. R. Constabulary: Conisborough and Denaby Fire Brigades and A.F.S. under Captain Waterhouse: Denaby and Conisboro´ branch of the British Legion and the Women´s Section; Denaby and Conisborough Ambulance Brigades and Nursing Division under Corps Secretary C. J. Pickett and officers along with Dr. Clark and Dr. Bell, and Lady Superintendents Mrs. Cooke (Denaby) and Mrs. Urch (Conisborough); Denaby and Conisborough Local Defence Volunteers under their Commander (Mr. N. Hulley); Denaby Scouts with Assistant Scoutmaster Slater, and Denaby Salvation Army Life Saving Scouts led by Assistant Scout Leader Masser, and the A.R.P. Wardens, etc. They were led by the St. John Ambulance Brigade Band, under Bandmaster R. Whittington.

The service was conducted by the Vicar, the Rev. S. Powley, and the lessons were read by the Lay Readers (Messrs. T. Holcroft and S. G. Padgham). The organist was Mr. E. Dabbs. The banners of all the organisations were laid in the Chancel during the service, and after the Benediction they were received back by their bearers, who stood with banners raised in the chancel of the church during the singing of the National Anthem, which was led by the Ambulance Band.

Vicar´s Address

The Vicar preached from the text “The son of Man came to minister”. (S. Mark, chapter 10, part of verse 45). He pointed out that Christ came to introduce a new ideal of life and a new conception of humble service to His fellow men, and yet by so doing He did not belittle His person or the object for which He came. He came to minister and He preached the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Love and of freedom and hope.

“We have met in a time of unrest and war, a time in which you civic leaders are asked to perform more duties than ever, and you and all of us are anxious to carry out our duties for the benefit of the community. What is at the back of our minds at the present time? It is that we shall give unselfish service to that particular community we represent, and I make no apology in saying that you cannot give of your best unless you have asked God´s help in the carrying out of the dignity and sanctity of your office, and in each potentiality of life and administration that in such a work you may remember that you are legislation for those for whom Christ died. Some people would have us believe that Christ is only for Sundays, or even an hour on that day, but He is for all time. He took an interest in the life of all the people, and His parables are taken from quite ordinary scenes of life. Christianity should enter into every part of our activities.

“I do ask the leaders of civic authorities to keep the ideals of Christ before you. You may not always get the popularity of men, but will only do it inasmuch as you can carry out the desire of God, by praying that your work which carries tremendous responsibility may be a God given opportunity.”


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