Civil Defence Exercise in Conisbrough Crags

November 1963

The Times Photo Feature looked in on a misty Sunday morning at aCivil Defence exercise in Conisbrough Crags. Taking part in the exercise were ambulance and first aid squads , rescue parties, wardens, a headquarters (signals) section, a mobile signals office and reconnaissance , ambulance and rescue vehicles. “Casualties” were provided by Conisbrough branch of the St John Ambulance Brigade . As the exercise proceeds, the list of casualties is checked as details come in. Featured in this photograph are Mrs M Kitching, Mr A.W.Antcliffe, Mrs O.M.Hope and Mrs M. Roberts One of the jobs calling for hardeffort andboundless energy. Joe Sparnon and Will Vickers are seen hoisting a stretcher patient up the Crags
Colin Hepworth a young member of the corps phones through instructions Busily engaged on their duties at the control centre, Mr P Firth and Mrs S Warren Through the mist one of the casualty teams carrying a casualty up the crags

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