Colliers Charged – Breach of Rules and Intimidation


March 27 th Sheffield Independant

Breach of Colliery Rules

John Stevenson, a Collier, of Conisbrough, was charged with committing a breach of special rule 25, by getting into a cage where there were already 10 persons in it.

Defendant pleaded guilty and was fined 10 shillings and costs.

Intimidation at a Colliery

John Hatton, a Collier, employed at the Denaby Main colliery, was charged with using intimidating language to Matthew Upson, a Collier employed at the same mine.

Mr Taylor prosecuted.

He stated that about a fortnight ago the defendant and several other men came from Normanton to work at the Denaby Main colliery. They had been repeatedly shouted at, hooted, and threatening languagehad been used to them.

On the 12th inst. the complainant was going to his work, and had got to the pit mouth, when the defendant shouted at him. “Bah” (meaning black sheep). Defendant said he deserved to put down the pit neck first.

Complainant was afraid of the defendant, and told the manager and the summons was taken out.

Mr Taylor said he did not wish the bench to deal severely with the case, but hoped it would be a warning.

Defendant said he did not mean any harm.

He was bound over to keep the peace for six months.

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