Conanby Feast

May 1939

Mexborough and Swinton Times, May 12.

Conanby Feast

So Conanby has a Feast. Notices announcing the fact had been planted in the district for a week past, and last weekend the many conglomeration that goes to make the village fair – now somewhat sophisticated with the cacophonous swing blare of its musical instruments, as some of the residents in the neighbourhood discovered after three days close company with “Ah – cha – cha” and “vo-do-de-o-do “- duly arrived in the field behind the Lord Conyers Hotel, not forgetting the boxing booth wherein local talent maintained the reputation of our urban district.

Friday, Saturday and Monday were gay days, and Feast Monday stay athomes were provided with a capital substitute for any seaside leisure land, but what intrigues me is how Conanby, youthful place in age that it is, came to be raised to the dignity of possessing a Feast, age old feature of English country life.

I know that the idea was born solely in the business minds of the amusement caters who visited us this week, but why the choice of “Conanby Feast” for a title? Why not Conisborough feast? – For after all it really is Conisborough Feast time, but then – awful thought – perhaps that would be trespassing on the ancient rights of the good Friday event.

Church patronal festivals seem to much to do with the exactitude of the dates of fair, and that being so, if the weekends frolics B Conanby feast then they should strictly be held on or about November 30, the feast of Saint Andrew, patron saint of the mission church at Conanby.

After all there was only a few days difference in the coincidence of Mexborough’s recent Feast.

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