Concert at Denaby Main for Denaby C.C.

January 1877

1877 January 17th Sheffield Telegraph

Concert at Denaby Main

Afull dress concert was given in the Denaby Main School- room, on Monday evening, and notwithstanding the heavy downpour of rain about the time the doors were opened, there was a large audience.

The concert had been inaugurated by the Denaby Cricket Club, and the proceeds were to augment their present scarcity of funds. The greatest credit is due to the committee and the secretary (Mr G.W.Parker) for the manner in which the arrangements were made. The vocalists were Miss Bruton (of Whitwood), Miss Parker, Miss Loversidge, Messrs J.F.Thomson (Manvers Main manager), Potter (Wentworth), Stanley Rich (Swinton), Biggs and Kilham (Mexborough). The Mexborough Parish Church Choir attended, and performed a selection of glees.

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