Conisboro’ Affray – Reference to Alleged Shooting

December 1920

Mexborough Times, December 18th

A Conisborough Assault
Reference to Alleged Shooting.

At the Doncaster Police Court on Tuesday, Ambrose Mangham, miner, Edlington, was summoned by Alfred James, another miner, for assaulting him on the night of December 10, reference being made during the hearing to a charge of shooting yet to be investigated.

The complainant said he and a companion went to the Star Hotel, Conisborough, on the evening of this day, and he had a few pints, probably three or four.

Defendant and other men were there, and a bother started, but he did not have anything to do with it.

He and his companion, left, and went to a working men´s club a short distance away, where they stayed until 10 o´clock. When they left, and were on the highway, he was lighting his bicycle lamp, when the defendant came up, shouting “Here´s another ——- Sein Feiner,” at the same time striking him between the eyes and knocking him down.while he was on the ground. He again struck him on the shoulder, and he had been off work four shifts as a result.

Evidence was given by Roger Butler, who said he was struck by one of the men with the defendant. He took no part in the bother.

The defendant denied that he assaulted the complainant at all. He and others were in the public house, but he did not speak to the complainant at all. Complainant´s companion, however, started talking about the war, and remarked that every Englishman ought to have been swamped to the bottom of the sea. His (defendant´s) companion Hannam (now in custody on another charge) thereupon told him to shut up, as they did not want any bother, and then the landlord asked the man to shut up or clear out.

Answering the magistrates clerk, the defendant said the complainant´s party started the bother. They were shouting at one another. James did not say anything; he was quiet, and he (defendant) had no dispute with him, or indeed any of them. Complainant and its companion went out and he never saw them again that night.

He had never had a wrong word with a man in his life. He could not call Hannam as a witness as he was locked up

The magistrates imposed a fine of 30 shillings.

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