Conisboro’ School Board – Letter of Resignation

February 1878

Mexborough Times, 8th February, 1878.

Conisbrough School Board – Letter of Resignation

The above board met on 31st of January 1878.

Present. Mr Kilner, Mr Blythe and Major Grantham; Mr Blythe occupied the chair.

On the application of Mr Harrison by letter, it was proposed byMr Kilner and was seconded by Major Grantham, “that representatives of the press be admitted.”

Mrs Ferdinand’s letter of resignation was handed in by the school manager, and read by each member. It was thought advisable to ask whether Mrs Ferdinand would continue her charge on an increase of salary.

The clerk was instructed to wait upon her, and on his return he stated that Mrs Ferdinand respectively declined the offer of the board.

It was therefore proposed by Major Grantham, seconded by Mr Kilner. “Mrs Ferdinand’s resignation be accepted.”

It was then proposed by Mr Blythe that advertisements be inserted twice in “The Schoolmaster” and “the School Board Chronicle,” applications to be addressed to the chairman.

The register of the girl’s school was presented. It was resolved that a list of those who had not attended 75% beread at next meeting, and then give instructions for summonses to be taken out against the most irregular.

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