Conisboro’ Vestry Meeting

April 1920

Mexborough Times, April 10, 1920

Conisboro´ Vestry Meeting
Pay of the Clergy
Some Conisboro´ Revelations

The reverent W.A.Strawbridge, M.A., presided over the Conisbrough Easter Vestry meeting, held on Tuesday evening, and remarked that, in spite of his ill health, he had made a special endeavour to be present, as he had not missed a Vestry meeting. in his  22 years ministry there.

Mr W.H.Jones expressed the pleasure of the meeting at seeing the Vicar amongst them again. They had all deeply sympathised with him during his illness, and they hoped that he would have a complete recovery.

The Church´s Finances

Presenting the accounts for the year. Mr Jones said that the total income was £280 13s 3d. This included £143 13s 4d for church collections, which was the largest sum he could trace inthe church wardens books from this source. The next largest was in 1907-8 when the collections amounted to £137.

The total expenditure was £230,10s 11d, leaving a balance in hand of 2s 4d.( 6p) The Vicar observed that everybody had a good deal more money, and they should increase their offertories. If their income did not increase it would be impossible to keep on the right side. It was certainly satisfactory that their income had increased £30 on the previous year, but they started the year with a balance of £25 8s 9d, and they now had a balance of 2s 4d. About a fourth of the income of the church had been devoted to charitable objects.

The accounts were approved. An omnibus vote of thanks to the church workers was caused by the Vicar, who paid a special tribute to the bellringers, and commented on the frequent absences from Church of some of the sidesmen and choirmen.

Mr Jones replied.

Churchwardens Re-elected

The Vicar nominated Mrs G.T. Nicholson again as his warden, and paid a tribute to a personal kindness and public interest in the work of the church. He also referred in appreciated terms to the work of Mr Jones as People´s warden.

Mr Dallimore associated himself with the tributes paid to both wardens, who were unanimously re-elected.

Mr Jones replying said that that was his 19th year of office, and he had attended every vestry meeting since he came to Conisborough. When he first came there the vicar had to act as an auctioneeer, for it was at the first Vestry that the Minnemoor was let to the highest bidder, and a good many people who came to the meeting were not very interested in the work of the church.

He thanked the meeting warmly for his re-election.


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