Conisboro’ War Memorial – The Site

December 1920

Mexborough times, December 18, 1920

Conisborough War Memorial.
The Site

At a meeting of the Conisbrough Parish Council, on Wednesday night, a discussion took place upon the question of a site for the War Memorial.

It appeared that the local ex-servicemen and the War Memorial Committee deferred over this selection of a permanent site for the captured German gun presented to the parish, though they were both agreed that the monument should be erected in the centre of Coronation Park. Mr Haggar remarked that it would not trouble him is the gun were sent back to Germany. What she was concerned about, and what he desired to see placed in the best site possible, was the monument.

He moved that the war Memorial Committee be empowered to select the site for the Memorial. The chairman (Mr S.C.Urch), thought that the selection of a site should be made by the Council. It was finally decided to arrange a conference of representatives of the Council, the War Memorial Committee, and the local ex-servicemen to deal with the question.



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