Conisborough 1 Lunar Rovers 2

December 1879

Mexborough and Swinton Times, December 23.

Conisbrough 1 Lunar Rovers 2

The return match in connection with the above clubs was played at Conisbrough on Saturday.

The home team winning the toss decided on kicking downhill.

After 10 min play, the Rovers managed to steer the ball between the posts, but the score was disallowed on the plea of offside.

The ball being set in motion again, the Conisbrough four was made a fine run and scored the first and only goal for their side. The visitors were now put on their mettle, and played a fine crossing game

About 5 min before half-time. Allen succeeded in scoring the goal, which made matters equal.

On the change of ends, the Rovers, with the hill in their favour, soon got to work and Ward getting possession of the ball passed t, E Hazelwood, who landed safely between the posts.

Not other score being made, the match remained with the Rovers by two goals and one disallowed to 1.

For the home team the play of T. Booth, Ward and Wilson was very good

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