Conisborough 155 Sprotborough 158 for 7

27 May 1922

Mexborough & Swinton Times – 27 May 1922

Conisborough 155 Sprotborough 158 for 7

Played at Conisboro´.

Conisboro´ lost their captain with the third ball without any runs being registered. Then Clarkson and Richardson made a stand, carrying the score to 69 when Richardson was taken at point. These two, with Wainwright and S Appleyard helped appreciably towards the good total of 155.

Sprotborough opening pair, Smith (a lieutenant in the Navy who assists Sprotboro´ when on leave) and McFarlane (who was `capped” for cricket at Leeds City college) scored freely and carried the score to 110 before they were parted, but they should have been out a number of times before that score had not the home team´s fielding been much below the usual standard.

With four down for 118 Conisboro´ had a sporting chance, but the poor display in the field caused all hoped of a victory to vanish, and Sprotboro´ won by three wickets.

F Appleyard deserves special mention, for he was responsible for the two very fine catches in the long field by which smith and McFarlane were dismissed.

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