Conisborough Choral Society

May 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times, may 10th.

Conisborough Choral Society.

The above society held a concert in the Church School on Thursday night. A late start was made on account of the moderate number of people present.

In the first part Sir Michael Costa┬┤s serenata “The Dream,” which is a charming composition, was rendered.

The singing was accompanied by members of the Denaby Orchestral Societies band, and also on the pianoforte by Mr George Clarkson, the leader of the band being Mr Sharp. Mr W. Reeves was the conductor. The reverent W.A. Strawbridge (vicar of Conisborough) presided.

The first item was a solo, “Good night” which was given in excellent style by Miss Washington (Wombwell) contralto.

The members then gave a piece, after which Miss L Petford (contralto), Barnsley and Mr Royal (Doncaster) tenor gave a solo.

The next item rendered by the chorus, was much appreciated by the audience, all the parts being rendered in a manner which absolutely left no room for doubt as to the efficiency of the task.

This completed the first part of the programme.

The second part was introduced at the outset by the band, an overture “Tancredi”. In this the players found full scope for their ability.

The second item was a song, “The fairy dream,” which was sung by Miss Washington, and was given in charming style and encored, and she responded with “Coming through the Rye.”

Mr J.R. Sharp sang the “Village blacksmith” in good style, and for which he was recalled.

Miss Petford sang, “Down the Vale,” which was well received, but the lateness of the hour prevented her from acceding to the desire for an encore.

Mr Royal gave “Thou art so near and yet so far.”

A duet by Misses Petford and Washington, “In the hush of Twilight,” formed a pleasing item of the programme.

Mr J.R. Sharp sang “Who said that I had given thee up?” which was well received.

Miss Washington followed with “Listen here Cavalier,” which afforded much merriment.

The Vicar thanked Miss Petford and Miss Washington for their presence there that evening, and they left the room amidst hearty applause.

The last item was given by the band, “Intermezzio.” The production was well given.

A very pleasant evening ended with the singing of God save the King.

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