Conisborough Church Organ – Dedication Service and Recitals.

January 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 18.

Conisborough Church Organ.

Dedication Service and Recitals.

Sermon by the venerable Archdeacon Eyre.

The church people of Conisborough of this week experienced the pleasure of knowing that the special efforts put forward to obtain a really good organ for the parish church had been crowned with success.

The instrument was dedicated on Wednesday afternoon by the venerable Archdeacon Eyre, of Sheffield. The old organ, which has done yeoman service, having been in use for over 50 years – erected in 1847 – was built by Messrs. Forster and Andrews, of Hull, and this fact speaks well for the workmanship of the above firm, that six of the stops of the old organ have been utilised in the erection of the new one.

The work has been carried out by Mr Albert Keates, organ builder of Sheffield, and judging by the expressions of opinion of many who attended the opening services and recitals, the erection has being most effectively and satisfactorily carried out.

The 17 speaking stops, which the organ consists of, carry an immense volume of tone, which during the services on Wednesday, was of great assistance to the choir, and the new organ very quickly demonstrated its effectiveness and its supreme necessity for the proper rendering of the musical portion of the Church service; it also further justified the energetic efforts and determination of those Church workers who were bent on having a modern organ in their church.

The instrument is extremely well-balanced; the deep round quality of the diapasons stands out as a prominent feature, the flute work of the organ sounds particularly good in solo work; the reeds are pleasing and effective whilst the pedal organ peels out an almost cathedral effect, and indeed, the whole of the work reflects the highest credit on the builder.

The total cost of the whole work is £300 10s of which amount £40 is still required.

The front of the organ, facing the chancel, presents a neat devotional appearance, with speaking silvered pipes, and a new case of wainscoat oak. Facing the North aisle are dummy silvered pipes and a quasi-screen.

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