Conisborough Club’s Record – Conisborough Brickworks F.C

December 1940

Mexborough & Swinton Times December 28

Sport & Pastime

Conisborough Club´s Record

My weekly “BOUQUET” to local clubs who are doing well for themselves has aroused a comment from the Conisborough district.

The writer is now in H.M. Forces and states “I wish to remain anonymous” but he draws my attention to Conisborough Brickworks F.C., who have according to records which he has kept, played eleven games, won ten and drawn one.

He pays tribute to Messrs. E. Bond and A. Smithson, of that club, for their share in its success. According to that, then when Conisborough meet Brampton on Saturday, there should be some good football to be seen.

I only wish that the young man who is now serving and was so enthusiastic about his local club as to “pull me over the coals” (as he put it) for not having mentioned them, could be there to see it.










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