Conisborough Council – Park Artilley and on the Buses

March 1940

Mexborough and Swinton Times, March 16.

Conisborough Council
Park”Artillery” Raises a Smile
Pointing at Germany!

There was a minute that the Surveyor, Mr H.Thirlwalll, investigate reported damage to the railings and gun in Coronation Park, Conisborough.

Cllr R.H.Shephard said he thought they should ask a firm who dealt in scrap iron etc to come and fetch the gun.

Cllr F.Kelsall: I think it is aggravating the war, it is pointing directly at Germany (laughter.)

The surveyor said it would be impossible for anyone to take anything from the gun as every piece had rusted on.

The matter was referred back into committee.

At a meeting of the Allotments and Pleasure Grounds committee, it was recommended that upon the report of the respected Allotments Societies, the rents of gardens of men serving in the Army etc be reviewed by the committee each year then, and that in the meantime the attention of the Denaby Allotments Society be drawn to the action of Conisborough Allotments Society in offering to look after the gardens of men serving in the Forces during their absence, with a view to similar help being given that Denaby. The Council adopted the recommendation.

Cllr R.H.Shephard said seeds would still be available to dependence of serving men would normally have been able to get.

An Anomaly on the Buses

Cllr F.Kelsall complained that a bus which gave through Conisborough and Denaby about 11 o’clock for the Doncaster area returned a little later with its lights out and not on service. He asked that a request be made for this bus to be allowed to pick up passengers on its return journey to Doncaster.

The Clerk said he did not think that could be done without the consent of the Traffic Commissioners.

Cllr A.M.Carlin seconded the suggestion and said he knew of instances where passengers were turned off a bus arriving at the Star Hotel, Conisborough, and the passengers had to walk onto Mexborough while the bus had gone on empty.

The Council agreed to approach the Company.

Moving adoption of the minutes of the Finance Committee, Cllr D.Sheldon, chairman, said the County rate for the next half year was remain unchanged and they were hoping that theirs would be a bit lower. The estimates meeting was fixed, April 3

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