Conisborough UDC – Deficient Street Lighting & Denaby Dangers

November 1922

Mexborough and Swinton Times, November 11.

Conisborough Urban District Council.

Deficient Street Lighting.

Mr J Brocklesby, presided at the meeting of the Conisborough Urban Council on Wednesday evening.

Mr S.C. Urch was appointed to represent the Council on the Local Employment Committee.

The Council decided to offer no objection to the proposal to grant a half holiday to postmen on Saturdays.

Mr Urch referred to the position with regard to street lighting at Conisborough. Denaby was well lighted, and the people there seemed to be more enthusiastic about Street lighting than was the case at Conisborough. While Denaby, was well lighted, Conisborough was not.

There were two lamps lighted on Sunday evening from Station Road to the end of their district, while Sheffield Road, had been a disgrace for two years. The lamps had been lighted, it was true, and he was not attaching blame to any of their official, because he thought they were tired of asking the Gas Company to do the necessary work. Sheffield Road might just as well be lighted with a few tallow candles. He counted 15 lamps on Sunday, which were not lighted.

The chairman said he had noticed Sheffield road. The lamps were lighted one night and out the next.

It was a matter for the Gas Company.

Mr Robinson said they had noticed that Denaby, was well lighted, and it was due to the activities of the Denaby councillors. A year ago Denaby was the worse lighted part of the district, but the Denaby members had achieved something during the last 12 months.

No action was taken.

Denaby Street Dangers.

Mr A.E.Berry said he wished to raise a matter which did not really concerned the Council, but he hoped, through the Press, to attract the attention of the parents of children in Denaby Main. He had reference to the highly dangerous practice of playing in the road, and he wished to appeal to the parents of Denaby children to exercise parental control a little more.

For instance, on several occasions recently he had had to pull up quite dead in order to avoid an accident, and many other people had complained in the same way.

“I have no doubt,” said Mr Berry, “that if we got some record breaking fanatic in Denaby he would mow the children down.”

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