Conisborough Farm Blaze

April 1939

Mexborough and Swinton Times April 28, 1939

Conisborough Farm Blaze
Ex Fireman sounds Alarm
Damage Estimated at £160
Hay Straw and Garage destroyed.

Although Mr Charles Ledger, of Church Street, Conisborough, retired at the end of November last from Conisborough Fire Brigade, after a lengthy service, he has not forgotten the call of duty, for, noticing smoke in Church Street on Saturday, he immediately summoned the Fire Brigade and, in view of the high wind, his timely action probably saved Conisborough from a serious fire.

All Destroyed.

The smoke was coming from the premises of Church Farm, tenanted by Mr Robert Greasby. Three bays of wheat, straw and half a bay of hay housed in a Dutch barn were on fire and all were destroyed, while 20 tons of turnips near the barn were scorched. In all, 24 tons of straw and six tons of hay were lost and damage, which is covered by insurance, estimated at £160 was done.

Near thefarm was a garage, owned by Mr A.S.Whitehead, manager of the Conisborough branch of the National Provincial Bank Ltd and this too was destroyed, but fortunately the building was not in use.

Small Fires Started.

The stiff breeze made the task of the Brigade, who were engaged for nearly 4 hours, difficult, for burning straw and wood were carried in some instances as far as the top of New Hill and a number of small fires sprang up in the vicinity of the blazing barn. The Brigade were also hampered for a time by a lack of sufficient water pressure, but this was quickly remedied following the arrival of Mr H.Thirlwall, surveyor in Conisborough Urban Council.

The Brigade, realising that it was useless attempting to save the barn and its contents, concentrated their efforts upon confining the outbreak to the barn and water was directed to the surrounding buildings.

Traffic Affected.

The farm is situated in the main Street of the township and a number of families left their homes as a precautionary measure, but fortunately the wind changed direction before the position became acute.

Traffic, including the rail less bus service, was affected for about 30 min, but later the Brigade provided “run overs” over the hose they had to run across the road.

Mr H.Greasby, son of the farmer, told the “Times” this, that he was in the farmhouse having his lunch when a boy ran in informing that the barn was ablaze. Mr Greasby, senior, unaware of the outbreak, was on his way to Doncaster by bus when the fire was discovered.

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