Conisborough Feast

July 1880

Mexborough and Swinton Times, July 9.

Conisborough Feast.

Sunday last, being the first Sunday after St Peter’s day, was recognised as the feast Sunday. The village was quite astir on Saturday night with the influx of natives who hadcome to hold up the feast at “Home, sweet home.”

On Sunday, the streets were, towards evening, quite thronged with young men and maidens bent upon “poking” fun at everyone they met, and the “pubs” seem to be having a very busy time of it.

On Monday there were two rival galas and sports, as was also the case on Tuesday, so that no one could complain of lack of amusement in that line. The weather on Monday was all that could be desired, but on Tuesday all outside games were cut short by the continuous downpour of rain.

On Tuesday morning the children belonging to the Wesleyan Sunday school, with their teachers and several friends, were conveyed in 10 wagons to Roche Abbey, where they were thoroughly enjoying themselves, until the rain stopped their glee.

One of the scholarshad the misfortune to break his arm soon after his arrival, and had to be sent home for medical treatment.

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