Conisborough Floral and Horticultural society

August 1881

Mexborough and Swinton Times, August 5

Conisborough Floral and Horticultural society

The second annual show in connection with this society was held on Monday last, on the Conisborough Cricket ground.

It was greatly feared, considering the storm of the previous afternoon, that the show would not be favoured with auspicious weather, but for his overall concerned, Monday was all that could be desired in this respect, and there was a good attendance of the public from the neighbouring villages.

The Sun shone brilliantly, a gentle zephyr blew across the hills, and nature wore its brightest aspect. The glorious view of hill and dale, wood and rivelet, with here and there fields of waving corn and lowing cattle, which the cricket ground afforded, was alone well worth a visit, and must have been a delight to all lovers of the beautiful.

The plants were exhibited in a large marquee, which was erected by Mr Oliver, of Doncaster. The vegetables, fruits and flowers were arranged round the sides of the tent, and a number of exquisite greenhouse plants were placed down the centre. There was a better competition than last year, and taking into account the youthfulness of the society the show may certainly be considered a success.

It will be seen that Messrs Blyth, Needham, Twiby, Fern and Ledger came in for the largest share of prizes.

Plants, not for competition, but for purposes of ornamentation were kindly sent by Mr G.E. Swithinbank agent to the late Mr Fullerton from Thrybergh Hall; Mrs T.H.Simpson, from the “Priory;” Mr Arthur Simpson, Mr G. Blyth and Mr J. Blyth.

They consisted of fine specimens of colus, fuchsia, gladiola, crassula, draseinas, crotons, palms, begonias, marantas, coxcombs, balsams, colceolarias, petunias, zonale, geraniums and ferns and attracted a good deal of attention.

The society now numbers amongst its patrons. The right honourable Earl Fitzwilliam, K.G., the are all H.W.Fitzwilliam, M.P., Viscountess Fitzwilliam, W.H.Leatham, Esq, M.P., W.S. Stanhope, Esq, the Rev, J.G. Wood, Major Sturrock, Capt Hooton, captain Johnson, Dr Hills, and G Walker, Esq.

The following are the officials: President, Mr T.Colley; VP, Mr A.Simpson; treasurer, Mr G.T.Nicholson; Hon Secs, Mr E.Greaves and Mr G Ballance; committee, Messes C.Ledger, T.Fern, W.Anderton, E.Greaves, J.Crowcroft, J.Twiby, T.Shutt, H.Senior, C.Bamford and M.Kemp, and it is owing, in no small degree, to their exertions that everything passed off so satisfactorily

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