Conisborough Glassblowers causing an Affray

April 1880

Mexborough and Swinton Times, April 23.

Conisborough Glassblowers Causing An Affray.

Arthur Woodhead and George Curtis, glassblowers, of Conisborough, were charged with causing an affray at that village.

PC Morley deposed that on last Friday night, at about 10:15, his attention was called to a disturbance, opposite the Alma Inn, Conisborough. He went there and found the defendants fighting.

Someone told them the police were coming and they went away.

In about a quarter of an hour afterwards these two men were again fighting, and two women were trying to separate them. Woodhead kept looking after Curtis as though he wanted to continue the fight. The language was most disgraceful, and could be heard at a distance of 400 or 500 yards.

It was a continual thing for these two men to create a disturbance.

PC Munro corroborated.

Woodhead hoped the magistrates would deal leniently with them as they have been out of work 12 months.

The defendants were bound over to keep the peace for six months in a surety of £10 and to pay the costs

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