Conisborough Housing Conditions – Editorial Comment

July 1922

Mexborough and Swinton Times, July 15.

The State of Conisborough and Denaby.

The efforts of the Conisborough Urban Council to move the Ministry of Health to a sense of the great urgency of the housing problem in Conisborough and Denaby,has now been reinforced by the County medical officer, Dr J.R. Kaye, in a pithy but very striking report on the state of overcrowding there was.

Following this all with a verbal maiden speech at the County Council meeting on Wednesday, Mr Arthur Roberts decorates the figures with a few phrases which ought to arrest Whitehall if only they can penetrate there.

He certainly was not guilty of overstatement.

In three short years the survey undertaken by the Doncaster Rural District Council has become obsolete, and the condition revealed by that survey, dismal as they were, are now very much worse.

Yet, owing to the government’s sudden and callous change of policy, it has not been possible for the local authority to stern a finger in redress, and the Urban Council are now pleading like a cripple at a gate for permission to build just a few houses, when hundreds and hundreds are needed.



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